Matt Watterson  ( Jingdezhen, China )


Porcelain design, sculpture, ceramic sculpture, and installation artist working in mixed media. Artist, Instructor, and Collaborator with twelve years of teaching experience including crosscultural education. Gallery management, public sculpture, and art handling experience.

Skills and Certifications

Ceramic Sculpture / Mixing clays and glazes / Firing kilns and kiln design / Pottery (Wheel, Handbuilding) / Mold Making / Woodworking / Welding and metal fabrication / Digital Photography / Photoshop / Drawing and Painting / Gallery Management / Teaching and Coaching / CPR and WSI Certification


Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude, 2018 – School of Art and Design at Alfred University, Alfred, NY · Dean’s List, Spring 2015-Spring 2018; Academic Honors, Fall 2014


Shape of Cups - The 10th Cup ExhibitionHangzhou, China (November 2021)
Follow the Earth — Nomad Gallery, Hangzhou, China (October 2021)
Prologue: An Art of Experience — Ningbo, China (October 2021)
Cup: The Intimate Object XVII — Gainsville, Florida, USA (October 2021)
Temperature — Longquan, China (September 2021)
Hella Cups — Applied Contemporary, Oaskland , California, USA (September 2021)
Old Tree and New Tree — Hangzhou, China (August 2021)
People First, Beauty in One World — Shenzhen, China (August 2021)
Project Sands X: Beyond the Blue — The Veneetian Macao, Macao (July 2021)
Instruments of Image — Sanbao Porcelain Valley, Jingdezhen, China (May 2021)
Exprimental Spirit of Sinter — Sanbao Porcelain Valley, Jingdezhen, China (May 2021)
Mirror Flower Water Moon - Solo Exhibition — Sanbao Porcelain Valley, Jingdezhen, China (April 2021)
Small Favors — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (March 2021)
Cup Show: Form and Function — Amelia Center Gallery, Panama Florida, USA (November 2020)
Place of Cloud Growth — Sanbao Porcelain Valley, Jingdezhen, China (October 2020)
Millennium Cup Exhibition — Hangzhou, China (October 2020)
Сup: The Intimate Object XVI — Gainsville, Florida, USA (October 2020)
The Way of Harmony — Chengdu, China (August 2020)
Breath From Afar — Jingdezhen, China (October 2019)
International Golden Sunflower Cup — Jingdezhen, China (October 2019)
Burning Man Gobi Heaven — Inner Mongolia, China (August 2019)
Shanxi Contemporary International
Pottery Exchange Exhibition Tour

Shanxi Contemporary International — Shanxi, China (June 2019)
Ceramic Art Exchange Exhibition — Shanxi, China (June 2019)
The State of Ambiguity — Shijiazhuang, China (June 2019)
The Present and Future — Jingdezhen, China (May 2019)
Taoxichuan Creative Fair — Jingdezhen, China (May 2019)
After Light – Solo BFA Exhibition – Harder Hall — Alfred, New York (May 2018)
SUNY System Art Exhibition Series — Albany, New York (October 2017)
Mid Frame – Solo Exhibition — Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, New York (November 2017)
The Hotter Half — Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, New York (September 2017)
Alfred University Foundations Show — Cohen Gallery, Alfred, New York (May 2015)


The Way of Harmony, International Public Art Residency — Chengdu, China (July 2021)
Taoxichuan International Studio — Jingdezhen, China (September - January 2021)
The Way of Harmony, International Public Art Residency — Chengdu, China (August 2020)
China Burning Man — Gobi Heaven, Bayan Nao Er , Inner Mongolia, China (July - August 2019)
Men Lo Gallery and Studio — Jingdezhen, China (January - May 2019)
Visiting Artist, YISEN Pottery Studio — Jingdezhen, China (November - December 2018)

Gallery and Studio Experience

- Jingdezhen Taoxichuan JAEA International Art Centre at 740 Studio, Jingdezhen, China
- Studio Manager - (July - November 2018)
   • Repaired, Maintained, and cleaned the studio and equipment
   • Worked to establish more international standards for the studio
   • Supervised, trained, and worked with international studio interns daily
   • Assisted international resident artists
   • Built equipment for the studio
   • Processed and made clay

- Turner Gallery Alfred, New York, USA
- Turner Gallery Co. Director - (November - December 2018)
   • Managed schedule and booked artists for shows, communicated with artists regarding their exhibition requirements
   • Scheduled and lead meetings with interns to provide updates and ensure tasks were assigned in preparation for opening
   • Oversaw gallery budget ad juryingprocess in collaboration with exhibition team and facultyAssisted by Advisors

- Exhibitions Manager(Fall 2016)
   • Supervised, trained, and organized a group of up to ten student interns; assigned tasks based on specific gallery needs
   • Maintained and organized inventory
   • Repaired gallery after exhibitions to prepare for incoming artists, served as docent

- Ceramics Intern – New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY (Summer 2016)
   • Weighed and mixed raw materials to make usable clay bodies, loaded, fired, and repaired gas and electric kilns
   • Cleaned and repaired clay mixing equipment including pug mills, Muller mixers, and Soldner clay mixer